Running winetest on Vista

Paul Vriens at
Sun Dec 17 09:46:22 CST 2006


I've started to run our winetest executable on Vista. The current output
is 7.8 MB or so, so we will never be able to sent it out just yet (1.5MB

I will start reducing the number of test failures on Vista (if I can of

One thing that struck me and most likely it's due to Vista security is
that when I run winetest.exe it tells me that it couldn't retrieve the
list for the setupapi tests. 

While investigating that (several hours up to now) I found (not 100%
sure though) that if an executable (like our setupapi_test.exe) has the
word setup in it and is not properly signed, Vista starts
complaining !!!

Just copying our setupapi_test.exe to paul.exe makes it possible to run
'paul.exe --list'.

Any ideas about the latter?



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