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Am Dienstag 19 Dezember 2006 07:53 schrieb Tom Wickline:
> On 12/18/06, Remco <remco47 at> wrote:
> > So, what's the status/news of DX10? DX in general?
> See :
> That ToDo is up to date as far as I know, DX10 = 0% completeness.
> If anyone is aware of something in need of change on the DX-ToDo
> please fix it or let me know and ill update the page.
DirectX10 will be after Wine 1.0 I am afraid. Development outside the tree may 
start earlier, but last I knew AJ plans a feature freeze soon(aka when d3d is 
stable), adding d3d10 would delay that way to much. Right now I am rewriting 
the state management in wined3d, which is the last big thing I really want to 
get in before the freeze.

That said, we're doing some preparative work for d3d10, like namespace 
cleanups. We also know the d3d10 changes a bit, and when we're making a 
design decision we decide with d3d10 in mind.

That said, if anyone wants to jump in, he can start working on Direct3D10 
support today. The first things will be easy, like adding the headers and 
writing stub versions of the interfaces.
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