Status of wine development

Mark Hatsell mark.hatsell at
Tue Dec 19 08:12:48 CST 2006

"Stefan Dösinger" <stefan at> wrote in message 
news:200612191308.05608.stefan at
> DirectX10 will be after Wine 1.0 I am afraid. Development outside the tree 
> may
> start earlier, but last I knew AJ plans a feature freeze soon(aka when d3d 
> is
> stable), adding d3d10 would delay that way to much. Right now I am 
> rewriting
> the state management in wined3d, which is the last big thing I really want 
> to
> get in before the freeze.

Just wondered if D3D in a child window is likely to be implemented before 
the freeze?? See bug:


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