game "Knights and Merchants" deadlocks

Joris Huizer jorishuizer at
Sat Feb 4 05:27:17 CST 2006


I have this question: I have a game called "Knights and Merchants" which 
  I sometimes play; I find it deadlocks each time after playing for an 
hour or so
it seems it isn't a complete deadlock, sometimes some of sound comes 
through between intervals of minutes or so; harddisk activity seems 
extreme - the light is burning constantly.
I then usually decide to kill the program; as it opens fullscreen I 
can't get to the xterm that launched it, so I try to get to a console;
The system is so slow that it takes some time to get to a console 
<ctrl-alt-f1>, and login in may time out a few times before finaly 
getting in (the cure to that one is simple: login before starting the 
game...) - then it takes another minute or so to run ps and kill the 
wine process

is there a way to find what is causing the deadlock? I can log the 
output wine gives using `script`, but as deadlocks only occur after a 
lot of time running the game with lots of logging active would be a pain

will log the output at least next time I play; for now, has somebody 
ideas how to log without getting major slowdown (otherwise there's no 
playing in it)?



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