"Windows Everywhere" foresaw Wine back in 1993?

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Thu Feb 9 12:11:43 CST 2006

Back in 1993, OS/2 advocate Richard E. Hodges disagreed enough
with a June 1993 Byte magazine article by John Udell
"Windows, Windows Everywhere?"  that he wrote a lengthy
reply, and posted it widely; it was forwarded to comp.os.os2.misc,
and said in part

--- snip ---
To lure Independent Software Vendors, "Windows Everywhere" offers a kind
of "magic dust" that will end their cross-platform support problems.
Microsoft claims that Windows programs will run on any computer with
nothing but a simple recompile.  Windows programs will run under Unix
through an emulator.  "Wings" will let you recompile into a native
Macintosh application.
--- snip ---

Did Microsoft really talk up the idea of Unix being able to
run Win32 apps via emulation on Unix, or was Hodges
referring to things like Sun's WABI, which was announced
in May '93?
- Dan

the original message can be seen in two parts, May 31st or June 2 1993
(usenet was slow back then!),
"A Letter to Byte Magazine",

And the WABI announcement seems to be at

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