MSACM: winemp3 codec crashes on seek, (no longer) reimplement with libmad?

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Thu Feb 9 14:05:08 CST 2006

> Some more tests. I downloaded the latest version of mpglib, and compared 
> it against the wine fork. Aside from extra spaces and an one-time-only 
> initialization in the wine code, the current mpglib code is almost 
> identical to the wine fork. However, the standalone mpglib decodes the 
> extracted samples correctly. This means that there is something about 
> the Wine environment that disturbs mpglib enough so that decoding no 
> longer works correctly. I also noticed that mpglib uses malloc() and 
> free() from glibc even inside the wine copy (one malloc()/free() pair 
> per sample block to be decoded). Could this be causing some interference 
> (especially since the wine architecture decodes in a separate thread)? 
> Maybe it is worth it to use HeapAlloc()/HeapFree() instead.
no, this should work out of the box
Eric Pouech

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