Mozilla ActiveX download busted?

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Feb 12 19:35:06 CST 2006

Trying to install Oregon Trail from cnet download,
Cnet has you download a tiny .exe that invokes
IE via ActiveX to do the real download.
This pops up Wine's Mozilla ActiveX downloader dialog (great)
which then downloads the ActiveX wrapper (great)
but stores it in c:\windows\temp\mozactivex (note the lack of a .exe, uh-oh),
and shortly thereafter prints
wine: could not load L"C:\\windows\\temp\\mozactivex" as Win32 binary
Wine's Mozilla ActiveX downloader dialog just sits there forever,
it doesn't seem to notice the problem.

Renaming mozactivex to mozactivex.exe and then running it manually
got me past that little problem -- I'm no longer prompted to download
wine's mozilla activex wrapper.

This worked better a month or two ago - what changed?
(I'd do a regression test myself, but can't afford to type too much...)
- Dan

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