Appdb thoughts

Chris Morgan chmorgan at
Tue Feb 14 07:20:45 CST 2006

> 2) The links between bugzilla and the appdb
> are great.  I really like seeing the list of
> bugs for each app.  But the app db's
> orientation towards detailed rich text
> info about apps makes me wonder.
> I often do quick testing of apps for
> obvious bugs (like crashes) without
> really getting to know the app, and
> I don't feel qualified to say much about the
> app; I just want to link a bug to it.
> But the app db gets upset unless I fill
> in all sorts of info about the app.
> And unless I'm willing to be the app db maintainer
> for an app,  that info is
> going to quickly get out of date.
> So I'd like a way to create an app db entry
> without filling in any info about the
> app besides a bug number.

Ahh.  So the issue isn't linking a new bug to an existing application
in the appdb, its creating the new application entry from the bug link
in the cases where there is no existing appdb entry?


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