Possibly crazy idea to deal with memory layout problems once and for all

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Sat Feb 18 05:27:40 CST 2006

> it seemed that the only way to resolve it would be to
> get in between the application and any libraries, and the kernel.
> If wine_preloader were extended to have its own implementation of all the
> friends of mmap(), and to have its own implementation of the dynamic linker,
> then in principle it could make sure only its mmap (and not the C library's)
> is called.

You can override mmap() in wine by just changing all
the places it's called.  (Having control over the source is
a wonderful thing.)  But if you want mmap to behave
truly differently, you'd probably need to change the

I seem to recall somebody was working on a linux
kernel module for wine that just dealt with
program loading, but I can't recall who.
Perhaps he'll surface and comment on this.
- Dan

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