Regression in wine-0.9.8

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at
Mon Feb 20 10:46:24 CST 2006

> The initial texture conversion during the installation of 3DMark2001SE is
> broken, too. It complains about unknown format WINED3DFMT_DXT1.(sry, don't
> have the exact traces here atm).
> I guess it could be the same problem like the "maximum texture size"
> problem you already fixed( aka, GL_{SUPPORT,LIMITS} not working because
> d3d8 doesn't use the capability code from wined3d).

Yep, 3dmark2001se got broken tooe (the installer). I'm aware of this issue and 
that's why I started working on proper GL_SUPPORT/LIMITS code. D3D8 will use 
the opengl capability code of wined3d and then the 3dmark2001 issue will be 
gone. I just tried the 'full' d3d8 patch (the one from oliver) and it seems 
to have the same issue in max payne. I need to find out what causes it.


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