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Thu Feb 23 17:15:41 CST 2006

I'm kind of new to the Wine schene.  I've dabled in it from time to time; but, 
seeing the progress it has made I am making a serious effort to get my 
applications running through Wine rather than VMWare.

As such, I'm looking for a little advice on debugging issues when apps don't 
work (yes, I've read what's on winehq.)  I have the application KeePass 
( which installs just fine.  When I go to run it, it 
just drops me right back to the prompt.

With WINEDEBUG, I've tried monitoring the fixme (no results at all), ole, dll, 
loaddll, system, ntdll, oledlg, olerelay, and rundll32, none of which 
produced any output that seemed to inducate a problem.

I suppose that if Wine sent it a value that it didn't like and they have 
really good error trapping, the apps could have just shut itself down, but I 
would think that something must be going wrong somewhere in Wine, but I'm at 
a loss as to how to find it.

I have tried it with the version set to win98 as wekk as win2k and I'm running 
Wine 0.9.8 (without Winetools), with IE6 installed as per the instructions on  Any advise as to what I can try next or what I should be 
looking for would be greatly appreciated.

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