Registry entries for serial ports not created

Pavel Troller patrol at
Sun Jan 1 14:36:52 CST 2006

  I was trying to utilize a program for updating mobile phone's firmware (for
Siemens/Benq mobiles, just an original app with encapsulated firmware image).
  This program immediately told that there are no serial ports present in my
machine and terminated. After a bit of seeking in my own memory and wine list
mail archive I remembered that there should be some registry entries which
a program can examine and get some basic info about the ports.
  In an old mail I found something, which I converted to the following
registry entry and put to system.reg file:

[Hardware\\Devicemap\\Serialcomm] 1015709345

  I think this should go to the standard system.reg by default, maybe in the
reduced form with just the first two ports. Together with correct links in
.wine/dosdevices, it makes that the program can really find the port.

  And at the end: How to create such a registry entry by wine's regedit ?
  I've spent about 15 minutes trying to do so but I've failed and then edited
the file manually. Any attempt to create a "folder" called Serialcomm in
Hardware\\Devicemap was unsuccessfull; I didn't find how to create a "folder"
for keys, and using "Add key" menu entry I always got an error dialog saying
"A subkey must be volatile". What does it mean ?
                             With regards, Pavel Troller

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