Some patch statistics

Hans Leidekker hans at
Tue Jan 3 06:08:23 CST 2006

I was curious how we did last year so I dug up some numbers with the
help of git. I counted patches applied to the tree starting from 1999:

  year    # patches

  1999    2656
  2000    2722
  2001    1885
  2002    3094
  2003    3283
  2004    3851
  2005    6037

Total:   23528

This is almost too good to be true isn't it? I worried for a while
that these figures might be influenced by the switch from cvs to git,
e.g. that cvs history somehow shows up compressed in git. On second
look though it really seems that the past year has seen an impressive
increase in productivity, compared to the previous years.


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