Question regarding the Wine Vs WineLib performance

Tom Spear (aka Dustin Navea) speeddymon at
Wed Jan 4 18:13:24 CST 2006

This may sound like a stupid thought, and may have already been 
discussed (I couldnt attend wineconf), but doesnt g++ compile everything 
with -Ox upon request, so it is size-optimized (read: Compressed), and 
don't most people use that same flag on most compilations?  It seems to 
me that if the above 2 statements are correct, then the reason MSVC 
produces faster code than g++ is because MSVC doesnt compress it's 
output, you have to use something like upx to compress it, while keeping 
it executable, and then once that is done, the binary runs slower...  
Like I said, probably already discussed, and probably incorrect, but my 
2c either way.

Brian Vincent wrote:

>On 1/3/06, Ananth M <mekaananth at> wrote:
>>          Then I converted the dll into .so and compiled and linked this .so
>>with win32 program using WineLib and Wineg++
>>          The timing that was taken to execute the function exported by the
>>dll ( through .so ) is almost two times, compread with executing using wine.
>>          Does any one has any reference for further investigation on this
>>problem or any information
>I'm not sure if this is the reason or not, but we discussed this a bit
>at WineConf last year.  The concensus was that MSVC produces much
>faster code compared to GCC.  Maybe try compiling with MinGW on
>Windows and see what happens with the DLL in Windows?

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