Question regarding the Wine Vs WineLib performance

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Thu Jan 5 09:14:32 CST 2006


On 1/4/06, Tom Spear (aka Dustin Navea) <speeddymon at> wrote:
> This may sound like a stupid thought, and may have already been
> discussed (I couldnt attend wineconf), but doesnt g++ compile everything
> with -Ox upon request, so it is size-optimized (read: Compressed), and
> don't most people use that same flag on most compilations?  It seems to
> me that if the above 2 statements are correct, then the reason MSVC
> produces faster code than g++ is because MSVC doesnt compress it's
> output, you have to use something like upx to compress it, while keeping
> it executable, and then once that is done, the binary runs slower...
> Like I said, probably already discussed, and probably incorrect, but my
> 2c either way.

The resulting msvc binaries tend to be smaller and faster so you don't
need any sort of compression. At least this is the case for C++ code,
I have never bothered to check for C code but I assume this to be the
case. The simple fact is any recent msvc produces better, faster,
smaller binaries. It even compiles in less time in most cases than gcc
with pch+distcc+ccache and all the other hacks. Unless you need to
call a native linux library from your application there is really no
point in making a winelib app.

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