Winelib debugging with eclipse in fc4

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sat Jan 7 11:04:59 CST 2006

Michael Ost wrote:
> A while back I posted a question about how to get debugging working with
> eclipse in fedora 4. I am having some success, so if anyone else out
> there is interested here's how it is set up.
> In regedit:
> * disabled auto winedbg by renaming AeDebug 
>         I changed HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows
>         NT/Current Version/AeDebug to AeDebug-DISABLED. Without this gdb
>         doesn't seem to be able to get a hold of SEGFAULTs.
> In eclipse's Run/Debug dialog box:
> * set the c/c++ application to WINE_SRC/loader/wine-pthread
>         WINE_SRC points to a compiled version of wine. For me, I got the
>         wine src rpm and ran rpmbuild -bb. This is where main() is,
>         which eclipse looks for at start up.
> * put your file on the Arguments tab
> * choose the GDB Debugger on the Debugger tab
> * add WINE_SRC on the Source tab as a "Filesystem directory with
> subdirectories"
you could (not tested) alternatively:
- set winegdb --gdb as the name for executing gdb
- not reset the AeDebug key
- set the executable to be the real exec (+ .so extension if run from 
the build tree)
that should work also
you would this way:
- keep all the preloader stuff, so that your memory layout is better 
(and the same than when run from command line)
- still be compatible with the segfault stuff

Eric Pouech

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