Starter projects for new Wine contributors?

Al Tobey tobert at
Mon Jan 9 20:02:58 CST 2006

On 1/9/06, Dan Kegel <dank at> wrote:
> Hi all!
> I'm looking for suggestions for starter projects for
> new contributors that would take something like a week to do,
> and wouldn't require much knowledge of Wine ahead of time.


Pretty much any level of C programmer (even me!) could whip out a test
for any Win32 API they care about and provide something useful within
a few minutes to an hour.   I'm still mostly lurking but I might have
a few tests to post in the future.   It's just the easiest thing to do
to get developers to look at problems I'm running into but don't quite
know how to fix.    Once I make a test that a more seasoned wine
developer can use to accelerate their work, it's more likely they'll
fix it (and keep it that way).

-Al Tobey

> is the place we've gathered
> that stuff, but nothing there really grabs me.
> I suppose the tasks
> might qualify.  Do they still need doing?
> has some cool stuff
> on it, particularly the idea of using Mono's libgdiplus
> to implement gdi+ in Wine.  (That's probably more than
> a week's worth of work, though.)
> has very cool
> stuff in it, but that's all about 100x times harder than what I'm looking for.
> And then there's riched20.  It's missing quite a few
> little features; see the 11 open bugs here:
> Might some of those be doable in a couple days?
> - Dan
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