Starter projects for new Wine contributors?

Detlef Riekenberg at
Tue Jan 10 13:50:05 CST 2006

Am Montag, den 09.01.2006, 21:02 -0500 schrieb Al Tobey:

> > I'm looking for suggestions for starter projects for
> > new contributors that would take something like a week to do,
> > and wouldn't require much knowledge of Wine ahead of time.

> Tests!

Another way is: Fixing Tests, that currently fail on Windows.

The MinGW Cross-Compiler is used to build the Binaries 

I'm building native Windows-EXE using the Cross-Compiler-Packages from
Hans ( )

A recent Example was the failure of "ntdll.dll:exception" on Win95-WinME
- Run the Test on Windows to find the Problem 
- Fix the Problem 
- Build and run the Wine-Test: "make -C dlls/ntdll/tests/ test"
- Build the Windows Test: "make -C dlls/ntdll/tests/ crosstest"
- Run "ntdll_crosstest.exe" on all available Windows-Versions
  (I'm using qemu for this)
- Create the "useful_name.diff"
- Mail the Patch to wine-patches
- Wait for Commit


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