richedit's RTF writer writes only 8 kBi

Tobias Burnus burnus at
Fri Jan 13 11:18:57 CST 2006


Dan Kegel wrote:
> In June '05, Tobias Burnus complained in
> that there seemed to be an 8kB size limit on rich text output from richedit...
> but nobody replied to his message.
It was soon fixed. (I vaguely remember that the problem is that the 
program sends the wrong length to richedit - and Windows didn't care.)
In any case it works now. :-)


PS: In terms of simple projects, I'd like to see: load contextmenu of 
file dialog from resources.
It should be relatively straight forward [some bits are in the 
bugreport] - if one found out to write a small testcase. (I didn't at 
that time and I run out of time.)

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