Valgrind and wine (was: re: Bug 4289: Debugging and dissasembly)

Dan Kegel dank at
Sat Jan 14 10:47:34 CST 2006

Rob wrote:
>This very much looks like a use-after-free bug. The first two
>instructions are probably a COM *_Release call. Judging by the fact that
>this is a regression I would also guess that it is a Wine object.

This sounds like a job for valgrind!

But, er, does valgrind still work with wine?  Rob said it did in March:
It was too hard for one guy back in July:
but that was probably because he didn't see Rob's message from March.
Maybe we need to put better instructions on how to use
Valgrind with Wine on or, dare I suggest it,
bundle valgrind with Wine so anybody could easily use it
be setting WINEDEBUG=+valgrind or something like that...
- Dan

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