dlls/wined3d/device.c GetCreationParameters

Al Tobey tobert at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 15:14:16 CST 2006

I'd just post to wine-patches, but I think this needs another set of
eyes.   According to MSDN, this just sets a pointer to the creation
parameters.    The attached patch makes this function work, but I'm
not sure if returning a pointer to the original parameters is the
right approach or if they should be copied first.

This patch makes a bunch of the Ogre3d demos work, which are great for
testing since you can run the same demo in OpenGL, D3D9, and D3D7



I'm currently playing with compiling Ogre3d against winelib and
finding it's shaking out a bunch of missing stuff in d3d9 - patches
may follow.

-Al Tobey
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