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Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Tue Jan 17 11:23:10 CST 2006


Mike McCormack wrote:
> The GIT guys have made rebase and pull incompatible, and to use rebase 
> (which is likely what we want to do for Wine), you must use "fetch" then 
> "rebase", not "pull" (which does a merge).
Depends if you want to keep your old history or not. "git pull" works 

> See:
> The error message that you get if you use "pull" then try to "rebase" 
> with newer version of GIT is pretty useless:
I run into this yesterday. My master had the same code but different 
history than origin. Did a git rebase (after branching my master so i 
can keep my old history) and expected it to make master identical to 
origin. I know i can achieve the same by copying the origin head over to 
the master head but that would be like cheating.

I'm still pondering what makes more sense:
- to keep my old history, or
- rebase to origin every now and then to easier spot the differences 
between master and origin.

> bash-3.00$ git-rebase origin
> Current branch refs/heads/master is up to date.
> So use "git-fetch" to update origin, then "git-rebase origin" after that 
> to get the new changes.  I've update the Wiki with that information - 
> don't shoot the messenger :/

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