Wine on SuSE 10 and German Umlauts

Roland Kaser roli8200 at
Thu Jan 19 03:06:39 CST 2006


No, makes no diffrence. It seems that the problem is based on a SuSE
specific configuration or library version. Can somebody tell me how wine
gets the keyboard events, or whats happen in wine when users presses keys?
I might help to debug this issue. I tried 0.9.5 on Fedora 4 and it worked
there. I had a similar problem with X as I ran a Yast software update and
only a downgrade to a previous version of X could fix the problem. No the
german umlauts in X works properly and I cannot downgrade in case of a very
special graphics card with vendor specific drivers.


Roland kaeser

Marcus Meissner wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 18, 2006 at 03:17:25PM +0100, Roland Kaeser wrote:
>> Hello
>> I'm new in this list. I'm the Application Maintainer of Corel Draw 9 and
>> Railroad Tycoo3 so I hope I'm ready to discuss with the developers on a
>> equal level.
>> I have a very strange behaviour when using wine (the original suse rpm,
>> the compiled source code (release or cve)) on SuSE 10 on a Intel ia32
>> machine.
>> All Windows Programs (running on wine) don't accept german umlauts (äöü)
>> keys. The rest of system (console, X-Window System) accepts it (as Yours
>> can see in the mail). Does somebody has a idea about the reason behind
>> this behaviour?
> Hmm no.
> Can you try if:
> LANG=de_DE at euro wine foo.exe
> works better?
> Ciao, Marcus

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