Dreamcom Kubik SMS crash

Mike McCormack mike at codeweavers.com
Sun Jan 22 00:12:32 CST 2006

Pavel Troller wrote:
> Hi, all the wine developers,
>   thanks for wine, it's going to be really powerful now!
>   However, even the most recent CVS update from yesterday still fails to run
> a small SMS sending program called Kubik SMS from DreamCom.
> This program can be freely downloaded: http://ww.dreamcom.cz/dream556.zip
>   Program now installs smoothly, including Mozilla ActiveX Control (thanks
> for using the repackaged ReactOS version). However, after trying to run the
> program, the following crash appears:

Looks like some shdocvw functionality is missing in Wine, as I installed 
IE6 and then ran DreamCom.exe and it worked.

Maybe Jacek's work on Mozilla embedding will help.


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