Mac OS X/Intel port

Jim White jim at
Sun Jan 22 18:00:18 CST 2006

Hi Chris!

Wine has been compiled and run with limited success on OSX/X86 a few 
times at least.

Holland Rhodes posted earlier today on Darwine-devel with his results, 
which I have copied to a patch item (because apparently attachments 
can't be downloaded from the mail archives).

(If that link doesn't work for you, go to and choose "Patches".)

Toshimitsu Tanaka used that to produce this screenshot:

Results with an earlier version of Wine is reported here:

And please do join the discussion at .

Jim White

Chris Campbell wrote:

> Hi,
>   I just recently downloaded the CVS of WINE and tried to build it  on 
> an Apple Intel machine.  I ran into some problems during the build  and 
> fixed them.  I then got to the server and the build quit on  
> context_i386.c.  There is nothing in that file that handles darwin/ Mac 
> OS X.  It looks like the ptrace functionality (GETREGS, etc) that  is 
> used on Linux and FreeBSD is not present in the xnu kernel...
>   I would like to get WINE working on x86 OS X.  Can anyone tell me  who 
> is working on this?  I would like to help with this effort.
> Chris

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