wine and jack => segfault? / wine and OSS not working

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some days ago I sent some mails to the wine-users list. My problem: the
JACK output driver of wine does not work => wine segfaults; and the OSS
output driver does not work, too. Windows Media Player (used for
testing) says, it cannot find the audio hardware.

Since then, nobody on the wine-users list had any idea what could be
wrong, so now I am posting this here (3 mails):

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I am new to this list and just wanted to ask a question regarding Wine
and JACK:

I'm running JACK as my sound daemon and today I installed Wine (from the
APT-Repository). I setup my .wine directory with the help of winetools.
So far everything works fine, except sound output (tested with wmplayer
and a simple wav file). So I selected "jack" as Audio driver.

But wine segfaults with wmplayer as soon as opening the wav file:

$ wine .wine/c/Programme/Windows\ Media\ Player/mplayer2.exe
fixme:process:SetProcessPriorityBoost (0xffffffff,1): stub
fixme:powermgnt:SetThreadExecutionState (0x2): stub, harmless.
fixme:powermgnt:SetThreadExecutionState (0x80000000): stub, harmless.
This sound card's driver does not support direct access
The (slower) DirectSound HEL mode will be used instead.
Segmentation fault

I started qjackctl to see what the JACK says:

20:01:39.052 Audio connection graph change.
20:01:39.136 Audio connection change.
20:01:39.314 XRUN callback (1).
20:01:39.317 Audio connection graph change.

So, I assume there was an "connection" established between Wine and JACK?

Does anybody know something about this problem? Tell me if I have to
provide more (log/debug) output etc. ...

I am running Ubuntu Breezy (breezy kernel 2.6.12-10-686).


PS: Direct output to ALSA works (with jackd not running).

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Hi all,

Does really nobody now something about the issue I described?

Meanwhile I have done some further tests: Using the alsa-output driver
works, but then I would have to kill the jack daemon, since jackd blocks
the sound device, although I am running alsa with dmix.

Then a ran Wine with the OSS-output driver while using a tool called
oss2jack (makes a kernel device and re-routes all OSS connections to the
jack daemon). Surprisingly that does NOT work, too. Although other OSS
apps (skype, et, vlc, cedega (oss) ...) run really *very good* over
There is one difference then: Using OSS-output driver, Wine does not
segfault! The M$ Media Player just tells me, that it cannot access audio

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Hi all,

obviously there is no one on this list who has similar problems? Would
it be a good idea to post the problem into the dev mailing list?

Anyway, yesterday again I made some tests and I think, that the
OSS-output driver of Wine has a bug. Yesterday I used plain OSS (no
alsa, no sound server, nothing) and again Windows Media Player (I use it
to test sound) said it couldn't use the audio hardware. So there
definitely has to be something wrong here.

Any ideas?

Short summary:
Wine at alsa: works
Wine at jack: segfault !! I think this is cleary a bug, or not?
Wine at oss: WMPlayer couldn't use the audio hardware. Displays an error.

System: Ubuntu Breezy (breezy kernel 2.6.12-10-686).

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