Problems with references to drive Z: in registry's User Shell Folders

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Wed Jan 25 10:03:00 CST 2006

> when shell32.dll is registered during wineprefixcreate, it puts a
> lot of paths based on Z:\ in HKLM/HKCU 
> Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Explorer\\User
> Shell Folders. This is due to resolving CIDL_PERSONAL to the DOS
> path corresponding to $HOME.
> If people remove the Z: drive afterwards, this leads to a lot
> problems (One being that the Desktop shellfolder won't initialize
> any more, which breaks the complete shell namespace and thus the file
> dialogs).

Yeah, that is painful.

> I'm proposing to add two more environment variables: %PERSONAL%,
> which would be expanded to the DOS path corresponding to $HOME if
> this exists, or to %USERPROFILE%\\My Documents if not (with "My
> Documents" resource based, of course). And %DESKTOP%, which would
> be expanded to DOS_PATH_OF($HOME)\\Desktop if existent and to
> %USERPROFILE%\\Desktop, if not.

So the environment variable expansion would be based on shell32?  Ouch.  I
don't think that'll fly.

I'm of the opinion that all this fancy CSIDL_PERSONAL mapping doesn't
belong in shell32, even though I put it there.  shell32 should default to
creating paths that are part of the profiles directory if nothing else
exists, since the shell won't work without them.  But creating
Linux-environment-friendly defaults should perhaps go in wineprefixcreate.
 I actually rather liked the idea of putting it in winecfg, and launching
winecfg in a GUI-less mode from wineprefixcreate.  The advantage is that
the drive mappings and shell folder creation would be in the same app, and
so would have some hope of staying consistent.

If a user breaks it through direct registry manipulation, his fault.  If
she breaks it through normal use of our tools, our fault.


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