dx9 and shaders

Aric.Cyr Aric.Cyr at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 23:27:53 CST 2006

Roderick Colenbrander <thunderbird2k <at> gmx.net> writes:

> > Is there a TODO or similar documentation on D3D8 & 9 for Wine? I don't
> > necessarily have much background in DirectX. Last time I used it was
> > when DirectX 3.0 was brand spanking new and was all the rave. I'm
> > willing to work, but don't know where to start and am limited on time
> > available to search for it. If someone has already begun some
> > organization of this, like a hit-list or something, that would be quite
> > helpful.
> >
> There's no todo list right now. Right now the best approach would be to finish 
> the d3d8 to wined3d move so that both d3d8 and d3d9 share the same core. Then 
> remaining bugs should be fixed so that more games work. After that 
> performance tweaks should be added and more features like shaders.

Here is a (probably outdated) link:


There should be a couple other related pages if you do a quick search the wiki
for wined3d, directx, d3d etc.  I'm a bit familiar with the wined3d stuff, but
unfortunately I haven't looked at the shader stuff enough to be able to tell you
what the status is.  I find it is usually easiest to work on wined3d if you have
some easy-to-run test cases that can help pinpoint problems faster since wined3d
 is non-trivial code.

Stephen was working on porting d3d7 and ddraw to wined3d, but last I heard he is
busy with exams or such.  Haven't heard from Oliver in a while on this list.  I
currently have an unsubmitted patch which gets rid of all the glX dependencies
in ddraw/d3d7/d3d8/d3d9 and wined3d and uses wgl directly... not a performance
improvement or anything but would improve encapsulation of all the respective
libraries and reduce duplicated code in wined3d and opengl32.


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