Question regarding VT_INT in oleaut32

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Fri Jul 14 18:23:12 CDT 2006

Benjamin Arai wrote:
> I wrote a conformance test for oleaut32:VariantChangeType but I ran
> into a snag.  The conformance test under windows does not allow the
> conversion from type VT_INT to VT_I8 but it does allow for VT_I4 to
Dosn't make me wonder. E.g. a lot of variant arithmetic functions do not
like VT_INT as input variant; one accepts it only as left variant but
not as right variant. The oleaut dll looks to me like it wasn't designed
but just hacked up to make the VB frontend work.

> VT_I8.  I made the necessary changes to VariantChangeType so that it
> conforms to windows but in doing so, it has broken several functions
> that use VariantChangeType to coerce from VT_INT to VT_I8 cause 
> several conformance tests to fail as a result.
> Is it reasonable to fix the now failing functions in wine by
> converting VT_INT to VT_I4 before coercing in the broken
> functions?  This will fix the conformance tests but I want to make
If the function is supposed to accept VT_INT then yes.

> sure that we can assume VT_INT is a 4 byte integer before
> proceeding.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
VT_INT is 16 bits on 16bit Windows and 32bits in Win32.

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