wined3d: Another GLSL shader status update

Phil Costin philcostin at
Sat Jun 3 19:48:29 CDT 2006

Hi Jason,

Can you just clarify for my why you are changing the D3DVS_VERSION() and
D3DPS_VERSION() to 3.0 for SHADER_ARB in the caps section of directx.c?

SHADER_ARB refers to ARB_vertex_program and ARB_fragment_program which do
not support features greater than VS 1.1 and PS 1.4 respectively. This code
does not affect SHADER_GLSL at all.

Phil C

Jason Green wrote:

> Well, I've fixed the speed issues with using GLSL (it's now just as
> fast as ARB shaders for the ones that actually work correctly) and
> gotten a few other things to work correctly.  However, I'm still
> having issues with certain pixel/vertex shader combinations.  Ohsix
> caught on that it may have to do with sampler limits on graphics cards
> and how sampling/textures are handled different in GLSL that with ARB.
>  I'm not sure at the moment and could use some help.
> is the diff against the most recent git tree.  There are still some
> ugly hacks lying around in there.  Note that I've separated out most
> of the GLSL functions into a new file "glsl_shader.c".  Once again, to
> use GLSL instead of ARB shaders, you'll have to apply this patch, have
> a graphics card that's capable of GLSL, and add the following case
> senstive registry key:
> HKCU\Software\Wine\Direct3D\UseGLSL = "enabled"     (String value)

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