To K&R or not

Stephen Clark Stephen.Clark at
Sat Jun 3 14:45:09 CDT 2006

James Hawkins wrote:

>On 6/3/06, Peter Beutner <p.beutner at> wrote:
>>The question is in how far that really works in reality. Even when leaving
>>such (imho) minor things like K&R or not, spaces after if or not,etc aside.
>>Just look at the tabs vs. space issue:
>>I don't really have a problem with both of them but mixing them is imo the
>>worst thing that could happen.
>>And things like this:
>>(tabs = underscore, space = dots)
>>...if() {
>>______int foo;
>>______if() {
>>(and yes you really find things like this)
>>are just UGLY and if you don't have the exact same tabsize settings like the author
>>you get complete "garbage".
>>Granted, I probably haven't even seen the majority of the source code and maybe I just found
>>one of the few negative examples, but imho some kind of consensus here would be
>>definitly a good thing.
>>4-space indention and using spaces instead of tabs already seems to be most used
>>setting, so why not enforce it for everybody?
>We do have a consensus about tabs vs. spaces.  To quote the page I
>sent you in the last message:
>"Tabs are not forbidden but discouraged. A tab is defined as 8
>characters and the usual amount of indentation is 4 characters."
>More and more this is being followed, but we won't force it on anyone.
> If someone creates a new page with tabs, we're not going to stop that
>code from getting in.
A tab is not defined as 8 spaces - it is defined as go to the next TAB 
STOP! The tab stop
could be every 8 spaces or 4 spaces or 2 spaces or whatever has been 
defined. The tab
comes from the manual typewriter and there were physical stops you 
placed where
you wanted the carriage to stop at.



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