acad 2004 license file bug

Jaap Stolk jwstolk at
Sun Jun 4 13:43:17 CDT 2006


I'm new to wine, but I have used the wine source in the past as
"unofficial" windows api documentation, to write decompilers etc.
I would like to thank all the developers, I'm very impressed!

I'm trying to install/run autocad 2004, or at least see where possible
problems are. I first uninstalled the old rpm wine package in redhat,
then I compiled from CVS and it al worked (apart from the waring about
freetype not being detected) Compiling took almost 1.5 hours on an AMD
Athlon 1200 Mhz 640Mb.

The autocad installer indicated that I needed internet explorer 6.0,
so I installed that using winetools. (can wine fake internet explorer,
so i don't need to install the real thing?) The winetools RPM failed
because i installed wine from CVS, so i installed winetools from
source. winetools failed to detect my existing ~/.wine/drive_c/ and it
seems to have overwritten everything i had in there. :-(

anyway, the autocad installer now complains that the licence file
could not be found, but this bug report indicates that this problem is
supposed to be fixed:
is it possible that it's fixed but the patch is not yet in CVS ?

Should I try the suggested "fix": copy the bin/acadfeui/eula directory
from the cd-rom to the c:\ root ?

I would like to avoid native software if at all possible (like native
MSI), and rather fix wine instead.

Linux 2.4.20, RedHat 9, GCC 3.2.2, CVS 1.11.2, Wine 0.9.14 (today's cvs)


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