Hal and functions in setupapi

Christian Gmeiner christian.gmeiner at students.fh-vorarlberg.ac.at
Tue Jun 6 10:09:48 CDT 2006

Hi all...

at the momemt i am reading into functions to get some informations about
e.g. cdrom drives. At the moment
i am loking into SetupDiGetClassDevsW to support GUID_DEVINTERFACE_CDROM and
later USB devices.
My overall goal is it to get Line 6 software for my guitart effect board
(USB) working with wine.

Now i thought about a way to get all informations about a singe cdrom
device. And i thought that I could use HAL perfectly
for this.
I thought about this way of doing it:
Add hal.c file to setupapi dll, which contains function to get infromations
about all needed hardware. This should work very nicly
for this case. But as I want to programm RegisterDeviceNotification also we
need a central way to handle hal stuff.

So how should I go on? Use some own hal.c in setupapi or add an global wine
way to interact with hal?


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