Feedback requested for Mac OSX x86 stack patch

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Tue Jun 6 14:20:51 CDT 2006

"Nick Burns" <adger44 at> writes:

> Ok so that makes more sense about MSVCRT -- but if it is using cdecl -- 
> shouldnt that use WINAPIV?

CDECL would be more appropriate.

> I did not see anything forcing a cdecl calling convention (other than
> the spec file). And I dunno how to modify the spec file to add in more
> attribs.

cdecl is the default, that's why it's not specified.

> So, should I finish this patch (e.g. catch every single callable
> function and put the attrib on it)
> Or, should I send the simple 99% patch first for WINAPI/WINAPIV
> (removing meaningless redefs) -- I would probably ignore msvcrt for
> the first patch

Eventually of course we have to catch every function, but redefining
WINAPI is already a good start.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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