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Wed Jun 7 02:43:48 CDT 2006

* Molle Bestefich <molle.bestefich at> [05/06/06, 15:21:08]:

I'm not going to try and answer all of these questions, but this one I
think I can answer.

> Honestly, I think that you just don't like me and that's why you
> comprehend everything I write in an extremely prejudicious, negative
> manner.

How many FOSS projects have you interacted with? Did it occur to you
that as identities on the internet can or cannot be what or who they
appear to be (I think the quote to that is "On the internet, noone knows
you're a dog"), you need to base your trust and respect for people on
something else? In most FOSS projecs I know, it's contributed source

The reply you got from Dmitry was an open source classic. I've seen a
couple of people getting that kind of reply, including me. It's not
really meant as harsh as it looks, it's more a way of saying "I know
<developer> because he contributed a lot of code, you didn't, so I don't
know if I can trust you or if you just want to troll". If your changelog
entries reach a significant number, noone will think you are a troll.
You still might have some clashes with people having a different
opinion, but you'll also be a developer, so people can look at your code
to decide if they want to trust you or not. This is just how FOSS
development works, and I've yet to see a successful project taking a
radically different approach here.

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