setupapi.dll: partially implement SetupDiGetClassDevsExA

Detlef Riekenberg at
Mon Jun 12 16:33:10 CDT 2006

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> "Saulius Krasuckas" <saulius2 at> wrote:
> > What would you suggest me to do?  
> Make yourself an expert in the area you are trying to improve.

I try to do that for almost a year now for winspool / Printing. 

>  Read MSDN,

Done for many Functions. MSDN is not complete and not Error-Free.

> books,

Many of them.
Do not forget the Oldies (Oldies are goldies!):
They do not depend on MFC / DotNet / C#

As an Example, my old win3.1 - Book has Descriptions for every Entry in 
"win.ini" / "system.ini"

>  find code samples on the net,

Most samples still does not work.

>  write the tests on your own.

I started with an app, that call the winspool.drv - API by the
Now, i do most extensions directly for the Testsuite.

By By ...
      ... Detlef

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