Broken FC5 packages - stay clear.

Mike Hearn mike at
Wed Jun 14 07:36:03 CDT 2006

On Wed, 14 Jun 2006 12:37:21 +0200, Andreas Bierfert wrote:
> What I can offer would be this: add a meta package wine-suite which will install all wine
> packages and change the summary of wine so it:
> a) points to the wine-* subpackages so everyone knows they exist
> b) tell them that there is the wine-suite meta package

Well, that would be an improvement but people tend to just guess
at what they need to type for programs like yum/apt. It's one of the
problems they have. Does "yum install epiphany" install a web browser or a
card game? You don't know unless you check beforehand (or try it).

I think a meta package called "wine" that installed everything would be
much better because that would do what end users would intuitively expect.
And Wine isn't really a suite. It's a large, monolithic program. If it was
a suite we'd realease separate tarballs upstream.

> and of course as discussed before add a Require for wine-tools to wine.

Yes that would fix this problem for now.

> I do listen to your requests and if you
> take a look around there are not many packagers who actually do this...

I know, and apologise for my harsh tone earlier. I think it's great you
are here on wine-devel and working through the problems with us. 

Hopefully you also understand the source of our frustration - I have
wasted *many* hours debugging problems that turned out to be caused by bad
packaging. This problem occurs all the time and when we eventually get one
problem fixed, some other distro somewhere else gets it wrong again and we
are back to square one. It feels like we never move forward on this issue.

Also I'm afraid the answer of "report bugs to"
is not OK because it is not under our control. I'd say the vast
majority of end users don't use distributor bug systems and never have,
not even for Debian which has always had this policy. They post to
wine-users, or IRC, or our bugzilla, or random web forums. And then we get
to pick up the pieces.

Maybe this summer I can work on what I always said I would and do a Wine
autopackage ...

thanks -mike

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