configure: Fix test for ability to link with ICU libraries.

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Thu Jun 15 12:32:46 CDT 2006

Scott Bambrough <scottb at> writes:

> In the worst case this code will run through 9 tests searching for the
> ICU library.  In the default case (no environment variables set) it
> will run through 4 tests at worst before giving up.
> In your case, (assuming you have and in
> /usr/lib) it will take two tests, as the code will test in
> /usr/local/lib first.  In the unpatched version it would have taken 1
> test.  In my case it takes 4 tests.

I'm not so worried about the number of tests, but about the complexity
of the code. You are turning a simple 10-line check in a 90-line
monster, that's really too much for such an obscure feature that
pretty much nobody uses. I'd suggest something along these lines:

  for i in ${ICU_LIB_DIR-/usr/lib}/libicu \
     LIBS="${i}uc.a ${i}data.a $LIBS"
     AC_TRY_LINK etc.

You can add /usr/local/lib to the mix if you like, but I don't think
that's really necessary.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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