Winelib Getting Started 1.3.2. Test Drive

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Would a wine developer please revisit this page and
modify it to have a step by step guide to take a Linux box without wine nor
winelib to a running notepad exe built by the newbie (and not downloaded)?

Or if you are a wine-user, please provide such steps to this list.

As a newbie, the statement "It can be found in the programs subdirectory."
had me lost.  I don't know if the steps I took are correct, but somehow I
found  Perhaps the winelib-getting-started
page could be modified to direct a newbie how to download the "test drive"
at this point.  Then I only checked out wine/programs/notepad since the
statement "(but read the next section before actually doing this!)"
intimidated me on the cvs page.

The first error after a make was "dialog.c:27:21: error windows.h: No such
file or directory".

Then I had the brilliant idea to checkout all of wine, even though I was
intimidated initially by the statement "(but read the next section before
actually doing this!)".  The make still failed with the same error, even
though I now have the wine/include directory.

Not knowing any better, I modified the Makefile from INCLUDE_PATH = -I. to
INCLUDE_PATH = -I.:/my/path/to/wine/include.  I retried make and get the
same error.

I'm stumped.

The 1.3.3 Step by step guide was too general for me.  But maybe that's
because I needed section 1.3.2 to be more detailed for the task at hand,
building notepad.  And perhaps 1.3.3 can be left alone for more general

Please advise.

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