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Ge van Geldorp ge at
Mon Jun 19 17:16:48 CDT 2006

> From: Kuba Ober <kuba at>
> I'm currently hacking on gcc for an embedded target (Z8 
> Encore), but I wouldn't mind giving it a try while I'm 
> digging in the gcc tree.


> I'd like to hear any suggestions as to how to tell the 
> compiler to use that calling convention (I'm not talking 
> about implementation, just how the compiler used would tell it).
> I presume it'd need to be something that can be set globally 
> per each compiler invocation, as well as a per declaration override.
> I'm thinking of "-msvc" (like -liberty ;) compiler option to 
> force a MSVC-compatible ABI, and for now that'd only apply to 
> 64 bit code (i.e. with -m64). Maybe in the future it could 
> enable something special for 32 bit code as well.
> I'm all ears about the per-declaration override (a pragma? an 
> __attribute__?), and about alternatives to -msvc.

__attribute__ seems most logical to me. Perhaps __attribute__(__msvccall__)
(in the __attribute__(__stdcall__) tradition? An alternative to -msvc could
perhaps be -mrtd ("Alternate calling convention"). For i386 builds of gcc,
-mrtd makes stdcall the default calling convention. It is currently a noop
for x86_64. I kind of like your -msvc though :-)
For Wine the compiler option seems more important then the override.

> I'd be submitting a patch to mingw32 people as soon as it's 
> done, in addition to posting it here. Note that the only way 
> for me to test it would be to inspect the assembly output, as 
> I'm not running 64 bit environment here (even though I'm on a 
> 64 bit AMD processor). So it'd need testing from 64 bit 
> people here at least.

I'm volunteering. I could also give you ssh access to a 64 bit environment.

Ge van Geldorp.

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