[AppDB] - make variables more consistent, fix indenting

Tony Lambregts tony.lambregts at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 16:03:02 CDT 2006

Chris Morgan wrote:

> On Tuesday 20 June 2006 4:12 pm, Tony Lambregts wrote:
>>Chris Morgan wrote:
>>>Make the code more consistent by using the appdb coding standards.
>>>Change $result = query_appdb(...) to $hResult = ... etc.
>>>Also fix some odd indenting due to spaces vs. tabs.
>>>There are still a ton of variables that are integers or strings that
>>>should be prefixed with 'i' or 's' if anyone is interested in cleaning
>>>some of that up.
>>I am not opposed to doing this but I think that the patch is way too big.
>>At the momment we still have issues with the last "big patch" that are not
>>cleared up [1]. On the whole unless we cannot avoid it I really do not
>>think that we should be making such large changes in one go like this.
>>Please break up the patch into smaller patches. That way it is easier to
>>find and fix any issues that arise.
>>[1] New versions end up as orphans with current setup.
>>Tony Lambregts
> Would per-directory patches be easier to read?  Like one for /include, one 
> for /admin, one for / ?
> This patch is a precursor to a patch that will close up a bunch of security 
> holes that could result in the db being destroyed, then on to finding a more 
> appropriate solution to the makeSafe() patch.
> Chris

No That is not what I would prefer I would prefer a single patch for each file that is changed (ie one for addcomment.php and one 
for include/vendor.php. If the changes to one file need changes in other in order for the appdb to continue to function then they 
should be together in one patch.

Now you may think that is overboard but I have seen these "big patches" break the AppDB too many times.

As far as "security holes that could result in the db being destroyed" we do have backup. I dont want you to think I do not care 
about security. That is simply not true. I am however very much against breaking the AppDB for regular use. The fact is that so far 
we have lost more data through bad patches then through security holes.

We have preaty good security in place already, We check that id's are numeric and escape date before running it. Right now if you 
ask me we would be better off making a audit of our querys than what you are advocating.


Tony Lambregts.

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