Move all common Dll[un]RegisterServer stuff to advapi

Mike Hearn mike at
Fri Jun 23 07:58:23 CDT 2006

On Thu, 22 Jun 2006 15:58:58 -0700, James Hawkins wrote:
> The imports for current dlls concerning advapi32 are fine; no need to
> change to delay import.  I understand where you're going with moving
> factoring out registration, it's just that advapi32 is not the place.
> I'm not sure where else you could put this.  I would ask Alexandre
> whether he wants it done at all, and if so, where the new code should
> be located.

I believe this was discussed when the registration code was first added,
and Alexandre preferred this approach to having some utility DLL. I guess
it's a matter of taste. I would have preferred a wineutils.dll or somesuch
but he is the boss :)

thanks -mike

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