[AppDb] stuff thats broken

Chris Morgan cmorgan at alum.wpi.edu
Fri Jun 23 22:30:55 CDT 2006

On Friday 23 June 2006 9:12 pm, Tony Lambregts wrote:
> So I was testing Chris's "query_parameters" patch and I found the
> following things broken with current CVS. This note is mostly to archive
> the issues I found than anything else. Most of these are minor problems
> but they should be fixed. If you want to have a go at fixing any of the
> issues feel free to do so.
> 1.) When I go to enter a new distribution in the testing data (new
> application, new version or new testing data) I get the following error
> We found the following errors:
>     * Please enter a distribution.
> Please correct them.
> This is probably due to the makesafe() patch.


> I have no idea how long these next 3 have not worked.
> 2.) I also cannot add a new category under the  "Main" category This is
> minor but we should fix it

This is a side effect of the call to html_select().  I don't see any good way 
to fix it other than by moving category editing into the category class.  We 
should also fix the formatting of the dropdown so we do something smart like:

Parent Category
|-Child category
|---Child category
Another parent category

etc, so its a dropdown list but you can at least see what is under what.  This 
could go onto the todo if someone is interested.

> 3.) Editing a category is broken  all fields are blank


> 4.) deleting a category is broken.  I get this error at least
> *Database Error!*
> Query: DELETE FROM appCategory WHERE catId = LIMIT 1
> You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds
> to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'LIMIT 1'
> at line 3


> 5.)  If you add a hyperlink in a note it is broken with makesafe()
> turned on.

I'm not sure this has anything to do with makeSafe().  Right now makeSafe() is 
effectively disabled and I've carefully reviewed the changes to 
addAppNode.php but I can't see how any of the changes broke notes.

On my local machine after previewing a note I'm seeing any url I put in 
prefixed by the current page url.  On the appdb when previewing everything 
appears to be working correctly.

I think this may be a legit bug with the injection changes and I'll fix it 
before committing.

> 6.)  Voting is broken  (I don't care really)  the whole  thing is  kind
> meaningless right now anyway. but that is another subject.



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