[AppDB] - protect against sql injection in select, update and delete statements

Tony Lambregts tony.lambregts at gmail.com
Sun Jun 25 21:00:31 CDT 2006

Chris Morgan wrote:
> Testing once beats testing over and over and over again IMO. 

Thats why you want to make the patches small. Small patches are easy to review, 
test and prove the correctness of. Big patches are difficult to test and one bug 
rejects the whole thing, so you have to start all over again.

> I suspect that if your testing looks good and mine does as well then we
> should be ready to go.

I will NOT be able to test a big patch again for a while, nor am I really 
willing to. I took quite a while out of my weekend to do the testing because I 
don't want a bad patch going into production again. We have had enough bad 
feelings going on over this that it was easier for me to do the testing then to 
continue arguing with you. I really have a limit though and I ask you politely 
to meet me half way by breaking it up.
> I'll fix up moving test results, that should be an easy one, and do
> another once over of the patch before comitting it. 
> I'm pretty confident that it is all set, I've tested submitting notes, comments,
> applications, distributions etc here and it looks good.
I do not support that idea. If you break the patch up into smaller chunks then 
Those can be tested and hopfully put in.


Tony Lambregts

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