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Mon Jun 26 11:22:06 CDT 2006

Hi William,

On 6/26/06, William Knop <william.knop at> wrote:
>  Quartz Driver: works

Starting a wiki page just about this would be nice if one does not
already exist. I am really interested in the Quartz driver but have
not had the time to focus on it. It would be cool if someone could
cleanup the diff and or poke at Julliard for his comments on it before
too much time is invested in developing it futher. As far as I have
seen simple win32 apps work with it which is a good start but it would
be nice to have a patch that he could review and advise what more is
needed before it can go in winehq. Being able to run Wine without
needing the damn X server would be wonderful but its never going to
get past the solitare stage unless we can get it in winehq.

The last time I spoke with him about it, he said the Quartz driver did
not have to be 100% just enough to prove a valid framework which I
think the current one does. Namely running solitare without the X. The
major infrastructure issue with it the last time I looked was the
problem of conflicting functions in the C namespace. The quartzdrv
imported and used Mac functions that had the same name as win32
functions and led to all sorts of problems requiring a hack to
winebuild. Julliard suggested some linker magic could be done to not
require needing to hack winebuild and or making some sort of wrapper
library. I am sure there are other issues with design he will want
resolved also....

Steven Edwards

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