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Wed Jun 28 13:45:39 CDT 2006

(FYI: I have no internet connection at the moment, so I say 'hi' to
all Wine developers!)

Wine is nortorious for NOT supporting Autorun. Sure, it's stupid to
load the autorun program right after the disk is inserted, but who
wants to have to parse the autorun.inf by hand?

So I wrote this little program. You can scan a CD for viruses first,
then run this to emulate the Windows autorun feature. All you tell it
is the drive letter of the CD, and it parses autorun.inf, and runs the
listed program. It also check to make sure the file is a valid

It is not complete, and it is pure standard C. No Win32-specific
functions are used. It uses several functions that aren't in the
msvcrt, so I have included the portable snprintf library (version 2.1)
and some portablized code from glibc. The tarball includes a prebuilt
binary for your convience, but i strongly suggest you recompile the
program from source (emerge xmingw on gentoo, and you can use my
Makefile unmodified!)
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