Debugging string comparison problem

Robert Shearman rob at
Thu Jun 29 07:42:31 CDT 2006

Juan Lang wrote:

>I'm trying to figure out why CompareStringA returns CSTR_EQUAL for the strings "\1" and "\2".  (See bug 5469, and the todo_wine test case in dlls/kernel/tests/locale.c)
>CompareStringA does the usual thing, calls MultiByteToWideChar and calls CompareStringW.  So CompareStringW is comparing L"\0001" to L"\0002".
>CompareStringW calls wine_compare_string, in libs/unicode/sortkey.c  That calls compare_unicode_weights.  That has this little bit of code:
>        ce1 = collation_table[collation_table[*str1 >> 8] + (*str1 & 0xff)];
>        ce2 = collation_table[collation_table[*str2 >> 8] + (*str2 & 0xff)];
>With the strings L"\0001" and L"\0002", *str1 is 0x0001, and *str2 is 0x0002.  So *str1 >> 8 is 0, and *str2 >> 8 is 0.  *str1 & 0xff is 0x01, *str2 & 0xff is 0x02.  So, ce1 == collation_table[1], which is 0x00000300 (in collation.c), and ce2 == collation_table[2], which is 0x00000400.

You missed the two collation_table lookups. The first lookup is to find 
an index (the table is stored with some trivial compression). This will 
be 0x200 for both *str1 and *str2. Then the second lookup is done for 
collation_table[0x201] and collation_table[0x202] and these are both 0 
(see the data beginning with line /* 0x0000 .. 0x00ff */ in collation.c).

Note that on Windows using CompareString on L"\0001\0002" and 
L"\0002\0001" gives a result of CSTR_EQUAL, so I don't think the bug is 
in the collation tables.

Rob Shearman

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