wine autorun utility

Chris chris.kcat at
Thu Jun 29 09:12:46 CDT 2006

On Thursday 29 June 2006 06:48, David D. Hagood wrote:
> I strongly DISAGREE - as others have pointed out, the auto-running of
> CDs is a severe mis-feature of Windows, one which we should NOT duplicate.

One could argue Windows itself is a mis-feature. :P Isn't the point of Wine to 
duplicate Windows, feature-for-feature and bug-for-bug? IMO, autorun 
capabilities should be included, though I personally don't care if it's on or 
off by default, as long as there's an option in winecfg. I'll just turn it 
off myself. Or perhaps even a popup notification upon the first detected 
autorun-capable disc, asking if you want to turn autorun on or off. 
autorun.inf needs to be parsed anyway, since it can set an icon for the 

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