wine autorun utility

William Knop william.knop at
Thu Jun 29 23:52:29 CDT 2006

> Gee sounds like a "great" idea. We all waiting too see some patches...
> It sure would be cool to have:
> - Multiuser Wine
> - Wine stable enough to run as service (err hmm whatever the hell  
> that means...
>   ah you mean daemon ?)
> - Run something more complicated then 'printf("hello world\n");'  
> without X
> - Talk to WMs to show icons and ask questions.
> Chris if you think that autostart is such a great idea - you are  
> very welcome to
> start sending patches in. And if they are reasonable enough they  
> might get in.
> But if you want to rant about that Linux doesn't have some  
> absolutely required
> "feature" that windows has - this not the right place.
> Vitaliy

Um hold on a second. Clearly many developers have different ideas  
about what's reasonable. It makes sense to obtain a semblance of  
unanimity and mutual understanding before taking action. You  
shouldn't go around quashing discussions like that.


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