DirectDraw -> WineD3D patch

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Thu Mar 2 15:35:55 CST 2006

I've brought my DirectDraw over WineD3D patch in a form where I want to show 
it to the public for review. I've uploaded it to, where it is described in detail(below 
the game list).

If there are no fundamental objections against it, I'll start sending patches 
for WineD3D. The changes I'll make in small patches :) are:

-> Header fixes, that wined3d_interface.h can be included with d3d.h
-> Adding methods to WineD3D for DirectDraw rendering
-> Adding the 2D only surface implementation to WineD3D

When WineD3D is ready, I'll send a patch for dlls/ddraw to wine-devel and 
wine-user for a broad regression testing, and when the regressions are out, 
the ddraw can be replaced(From my POV, AJ has the last word of course ;) )

Have fun playing,
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